Boca Raton Road Runners

Boca 5K / 10K

December 31st, 2016

7:30am Spanish River Park

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The Board of the BRRR has decided to discontinue it's participation with the South Florida Running Forum newspaper publication. With the current decline of club membership the cost of maintaining a monthly publication far exceeds the revenue generated by membership.  The club has decided to opt for a quarterly publication to be sent by email to all it's members through it's Constant Contact email program that you now receive our monthly E-Letter from.

New Running Club to be part of the BRRR -  PUBrunClub

The runners of today demand more of a social run that constantly evolves and changes. 

In an effort to meet such a demand, we're changing the way we conduct our social gatherings. We will be partnering with the many other stores, gyms and any other organization that offers some sort of run component.  We will be hosting runs at locations that have easy access to food & drinks ( or close by ) for after the run, for those who want to stay a bit longer and enjoy the social aspect of running .  Stay if you can, go if you must, it’s all OK, as long as everyone is having fun!

There will be 2 kinds of runs…..regular runs, and social runs.  Regular runs happen every week at the same bat time, same bat channel……..Social runs are where we will be going specifically to a Pub or Restaurant after a run, for those of you who can’t run, but want to stop by afterwards.  And not to get confusing, but a regular run could turn into a social run on specific occasions. 

In order to pull this off, I’m going to need a host of ambassadors to help answer questions and such at any of the runs offered that they attend!  What would it take to be an ambassador….Friendly, a little bit outgoing  ( enough to be the 1st one to say hello or welcome ) and your perfect, hit me up for details.

Runs start June 1st …that’s 6/1/16….Which is Global Running Day 2016

1st run…. A1A & Palmetto Park Rd, PUB run ( Pizza Upon Beach ) After the run!! Boca Road Runners will be bringing pizza from Boca’s Best Pizza along with bottled water for $5.00. If you want something else to drink BYO… Bring a cooler and a beach chair and stay awhile….


[ Note: PUB stands for Palm Beach & Broward & U ]


Due to heavy construction surrounding the race site, we will not be holding the race in 2016

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